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Finding the correct red wine glass is very important. Many have red and white wine glasses in their home, but are are they the right glass for your wine? Recent findings have proven the shape of the glass is not only important for white and red wine, but for the specific red and white variety.

The top end wine glass developers have determine specific glass shapes heighten the bouquet, and taste.

The glass shape assists in the oxygenation of the wine and allows the bouquet to flow to the nose in a way that draws the most desired aromas for the red wine variety.

Flavor of the red wine is extremely important. Flavor links the taste, palette feel, aroma, and emotions to the wine. When enjoyable, you will be pulled in and long for the next sip.

The glass shape matched with the correct red grape will allow the wine to focus the drops from the glass onto the part of the tongue that has the taste buds that increase the natural taste of the wine variety.

I know. I found it hard to believe until I set up my own taste test.

1. Side by side pour the same amount (1.5 to 2 inches) of red wine into your current red wine glass. and into a glass made for the red wine variety you plan to taste.

2. Please set-up a number of variety specific glasses of white and red to really taste the difference.

3. Make sure to sample within a short amount of time because from tasting the first to the last oxygenation occurs and can have an impact.

4. This is great to present at parties. This is a perfect blind glass tasting. Many people will not realize glass importance and may actually think you have different wines in each glass. Give it a try. Discount wine glasses can be found everywhere but it takes time and research. We have made this extremely easy. The wine glasses here are only the top wine glass makers and the are all discounted and in one spot. We make it easy and super fast to find the perfect red wine glasses you want. Search with the wine variety and it is even faster.

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