Market Wine With IMPACT

Market Wine with IMPACT.

Easier said than done right. This page is for the wine makers, vineyards, wine producers, wine cellars, tasting rooms and anyone trying to separate their wine from competitors.

The wine market is huge and it is growing strong. New vineyards and wine producers are opening daily.

Your goal is to make the best wine, be different, and be profitable. It does not matter if you have a 100 acres or 2 acres. Wine producers are looking for the very important answers to the following questions:

How do I make my wine recognizable?

How do I make my wine memorable?

How do I share my love for the wine or vineyard?

How do I script my sales reps explain the wine with impact?

How do advertise without breaking the bank?

How can I use the internet to Market my wine save money and save time?

How can I increase traffic to my website without spending a fortune?

How do I build repeat customers?

How do I create referrals from my customers?

Market wine with IMPACT is here and it answers all or your above questions. This is how to market wine.

This approach is simple.

The plan is focused.

Your wine will be remembered.

The amount of resources spent are minimal with incredible value.

Your passion will viewed and understood by all.

This is a 3 step approach. The need for the three step approach is to market your wine deep and wide, yet maintain a pinpoint focus.


Market Wine with IMPACT will resolve this major problem:

The growing season was perfect. The grapes were harvested quickly, efficiently, and at the perfect time. The fermentation process is right on. You decide on the perfect bottle, label and a name that will speak to the perfection it is wrapped around. You price it by measuring the perfect balance of the wine, availability, market demand and the potential impact on future sales.

The tasting room is clean and well stocked. You have the absolute best customer loving, wine enthusiasts breathing life into every pour.

The customers love your masterpiece. They are buying bottles, cases, and talking like crazy about perfection in the bottle.

They leave your tasting room... Guess what? They go to the next tasting room down the street and do the same thing.

Wait. Wait. Wait. They all agree at the end of the day yours was still best!! Yes I knew you could do it. They go home and drink the bottle right away. The bottle gets thrown away. a few days later they may remember you, unless a better wine comes along. Or worst yet, a month later they want the bottle again and they cannot remember which wine it was or what vineyard or wine cellar made it.

Ouch that hurts. They forget all about you... That is not the worst part. The worst part is not even the fact that they will not be buying another bottle or case.

The worst part is they only shared this wine and their love it with a handful of friends and family. I know it actually does not sound that bad. They shared it and now the friends and family will want to buy your precious wine... If only they could remember the beautiful label that you spent a great deal of time and effort on. Really this is the worst part.

Market wine with IMPACT

The love of the wine shared immediately, remembered indefinitely and instantly increase demand.


The 1st Step is Wine Remind


Market Wine with IMPACT will bring the focus on your wine on the shelves.

Yes the shelves. Think about it. How many thousands of consumers go into a wine, liquor, grocery, or even your tasting room and stares.... just stares at the hundreds, thousands of wine choices.

"Hmm this wine label is nice." or the ever dreadful "I want this wine. It is rated a 91".

Forge about this nonsense. Market Wine with IMPACT pulls the consumer out of the never ending wine gutter and right to your wine bottle. It is different, it allows them to learn everything about the wine and your love for it..

"How is that possible?"

Not only is it possible but this info can now be shared immediately to someone else and then they agree to buy your perfect grape mixture. The friends gather and love your wine and their passion is shared immediately to their friends and family.


Because they can.

Because they want everyone to know what they love!

Because this is new.

The best part. They will remember your wine to buy again and again.

Separate your labor of love from every pretender on the shelves.


The 2nd Step is Message ON the Bottle


Market Wine with IMPACT will also assist you in solving this problem:

The internet is extremely important for anyone with a real world business. It allows for web searchers to find the location, information, products and maybe even purchase something the business is selling. If you do not have a website it is okay it is not really needed if you are not selling products online. You will have a solution here with Market Wine with IMPACT.

Is your website costing you money or making you money?

Guess what? We can increase your site visits for free. That is right. NO cost to you.

Market Wine with IMPACT is going to assist you with your internet reach for .... FREE That is right for a short time we will create a page on this site at no cost. For a limited time.


The 3rd Step is to Contact us for your FREE Wine Producer Webpage

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Market Wine with IMPACT!!

Easy 3 Step Process for wine producers to make sure your wine is:



EXTREMELY Profitable

Step 1

Wine Remind

Step 2

Message On the Bottle

Step 3

Free Wine Producer Webpage

An in-depth webpage about you, your wine, the love and passion that separates your wine from every other.

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