The many health benefits of red wine can add to your enjoyment.
Beware of the HEADACHES!!!

The health benefits of red wine almost caused me to faint. How can something that tastes so incredibly perfect, be great for your health at the same time?

Red wine is not perfect. Well for most it is, but I am one of the few that will receive the unforgiving red wine headache.

Yes, red wine headaches or RWH are for real. This is not one of benefits of drinking red wine.

I used to receive a red wine headache 85% of the time. I learned quickly how to manage this, and it is not by sipping a glass very slowly.

Headaches and migraines are no fun and will quickly stop any enjoyment.

Believe me I know. I have had simple headaches and the big monster migraines.

Why do I get a red wine headache?

There are many question asked of the scarlet fruit juice. In today's health conscious age we look for a way to enjoy the foods and drinks we love but not impact our diets.

Red wine is not created equal. The calories can be higher or lower depending on the type. Yet they do not stray to far from the calorie count used by many dietitians.

How many calories in red wine?

There is a natural link to red wine and health. Recent studies suggest a glass of red wine for health. The research shows a glass a day may help protect against heart disease, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and provide resistance against certain cancers.

Red wine and Heart Disease

Does red wine lower cholesterol?

Red wine fights cancer...

My daughter picking a red wine grape as I explain the exciting health benefits from red wine... Is she asleep yet?

I do like how she delicately props the freshly picked red grape.

There are many inquiries on the internet and many articles written about alcohol and pregnancy.

There are so many health benefits from drinking red wine, in moderation.

Red wine is different right?

Red Wine and Pregnancy

The world of health supplements is huge and the origin of red wine has not been missed.

Grape seeds have been researched extensively for health benefits.

Grape seed extract is said to play a role in reduction of skin cancer, osteoporosis, and varicose veins to name a few.

Grape seed extract supplement information.

Is it the alcohol in red wine that makes you feel young?

One of the health benefits of red wine is making each bottle a virtual fountain of youth.

Red wine antioxidants to the rescue.

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