Red wine and pregnancy. Is it okay to enjoy a glass?

Red wine and pregnancy... Is it okay to enjoy a glass or two?

I have been providing insight on how healthy red wine is and why we should enjoy a glass a night, and to drink to your health.

I have to say that after extensive article research for something to tell us all that drinking red wine is the best thing you can do for your developing baby, I can truly say it is NOT out there.

Sorry but there is no research to support any claims that this is a good idea.

One should always follow the direction of their Doctor when it comes to diet during the important stages of child development.

Many Doctors say a glass once in a while will be okay.

My thought is "you do not have to drink wine to enjoy it".

Enjoy the bouquet, enjoy the texture, flavor, and mixture of the senses. While doing so you do not need to swallow.

Many researchers feel that red wine, or any alcohol, should not be consumed when you are pregnant.

Enjoy a glass or two if you are a male. Enjoy a glass or two if your friend is pregnant. Enjoy red wine if a relative is carrying a child or two.

The best time to enjoy a bottle or two is celebrating the birth of a child.

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