How many calories in red wine? Your glass never tasted so good.

The number of calories in red wine are counted by many of us. Staying healthy and trying to maintain a strict diet is very important. One of the most used terms is "empty calories". Reducing the empty calorie count is critical for any diet to be effective.

Red Wine does not have any empty calories... at least in my mind. Every single calorie is well the worth it.

The red wine calories are healthy calories. No fat and very little sugar content. an 8 ounce glass will provide 1.24 grams of sugar. Compare that to the 22 grams in an 8 ounce glass of soda. Beer has red wine beat, as it has 0 grams of sugar.

Counting calories has fed into the weight watchers trend of counting points. Keeping track of calories of every item eaten can create a brain freeze.The weight watchers point system allows for an easy way of keeping track of your food intake.

Point Tip: Save your extra points for the weekend to enjoy your red wine without any second thoughts. Watch out for the snacks that can join the wine sipping.

How calories and points in red wine?

The number of calories in wine is 80 per 4 ounce serving. Juts make it an even 160 calories for your 8 ounce glass of wine.

This is excellent. Mixed drinks can be 300 plus calories per serving and the sugar content can be through the roof.

This is one more spectacular reason to love the health benefits of red wine.

The point count for red wine is 2 points for every 4 ounces of wine. to keep consistent with calories per serving above we will make the glass of wine 8 ounces. Plan on using 4 points per glass of wine. Makes sure to save 24 points for your wine night ;-)

Fill your glass, sip, savor, and sigh...

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